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Get case-specific divorce forms from us and file for divorce in MN online or offline right away. Stress-free document preparation for a moderate fee is a reality with our service.

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Minnesota Online Divorce is a modern solution for preparing divorce forms in accordance with the case specifics. Our online divorce service is in high demand among couples who apply for an uncontested divorce and don't want to manage confusing paperwork on their own. By starting an amicable marriage dissolution, spouses can avoid stress, anxiety, and high expenses on the court process, which are often an integral part of a contested divorce.

If you have reached an agreement with your spouse on all marriage dissolution issues and are going to apply for divorce online or offline, you can rely on us in terms of paperwork. In addition to case-specific forms for an uncontested divorce in MN, we offer detailed filing instructions, convenient revision policies, and round-the-clock customer support.

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What Minnesota Divorce Forms Do I Need to Prepare?

The list of Minnesota divorce forms varies mainly due to the case specifics. Some couples can prepare the bare minimum required by local courts; others need to collect more papers due to the complexities of their divorce, such as disputes on child-related matters or property division. The basic forms to prepare for an uncontested dissolution are:

Joint Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
Confidential Information Form
Cover Sheet for Non-Public Documents
Financial Disclosure Statement

This is a minimum set of forms; you will need to find and submit the other case-specific papers. With our help, you can get the required divorce documents that fully reflect your situation. You can use completed papers to initiate MN online divorce or a traditional offline process.

How It Works?

There are a few simple steps to follow to get divorce papers online:


Fill out a short questionnaire

First, answer several general questions about your divorce case to see if you qualify for an uncontested marriage dissolution. If so, move to the main questionnaire.


Provide more details

Complete a comprehensive questionnaire on different aspects of your divorce. Provide detailed information on spouses involved, minor children, property, etc. Our automatic system will use your data to fill out the necessary forms.


Download your forms

Download a completed divorce packet online from your account. Print the documents, sign and date them, if required, and submit them to the court.

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Quick & Easy Solution for Filing a Divorce

We offer a speedy and cost-efficient method for preparing divorce forms. You will receive court-approved and up-to-date papers that can be used for filing for divorce online or in person.

We always ensure all our customers get:

Compare Your Options for Divorce in Minnesota

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Do-It-Yourself Divorce

A DIY divorce may seem like a good money-saving option, but consider potential difficulties before choosing it.

  • Possible mistakes in divorce papers will lead to redoing them and paying filing fees again.
  • Handling paperwork yourself can be emotionally challenging.
  • You may spend several weeks completing forms, delaying the whole divorce process.
  • You can unintentionally omit some papers necessary in your case, resulting in court rejection of the paperwork.
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Online Divorce in Minnesota

If you are interested in how to get a quick offline or online divorce in MN, you can speed up its first stage, paperwork preparation, by delegating it to our service. When ordering with us, you can enjoy:

  • The convenience of completing a questionnaire from anywhere and anytime.
  • Forms that are filled out specifically for your divorce case.
  • Clear filing instructions.
  • 24/7 access to the website.
  • Moderate payment with no hidden fees.
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Divorce with a Lawyer

While a divorce lawyer can provide legal assistance and represent you in court, there are still certain issues to keep in mind.

  • Legal representation can be expensive because of high hourly rates.
  • Due to a high workload of attorneys, divorce can take a long time to finalize.
  • You have to adjust to the lawyer’s schedule.
  • Lawyers can provoke more conflicts when defending the client’s point of view.

Why Choose Minnesota Divorce Online?


Online divorce services are often more cost-effective than hiring an attorney for paperwork. You will have to pay a fixed fee instead of covering hourly rates.


You can get divorce help online with completing the forms regardless of where you are. Besides, you can start answering the questions, save your progress, and return to a questionnaire later.


By ordering Minnesota divorce papers from our service, you may not worry about making errors or missing something important. An automatic system will prepare accurate and court-approved forms for you.


Many people prefer the privacy and confidentiality that online services offer, as opposed to sharing personal details with lawyers or court personnel.

Time Efficiency

Avoid the time-consuming and frustrating process of scheduling appointments with attorneys. Online services allow you to work at your own speed and get a quick divorce in MN.

Detailed Guidelines

To ensure you have as easy divorce as possible and guidelines on going through the process, we will provide you with step-by-step filing instructions.

What Our Customers Are Saying

James D.
“I recently used this online service as I needed papers for my divorce while knew nothing about all that paperwork staff. Thanks for quick turnaround - I submitted the questionnaire and received my papers in like 2 days.”
James D.
Ella O.​
“no one can be prepared for divorce, and thanks to this service, at least preparing the papers was not that complicated for me. the fees they charge for divorce paperwork online are rather moderate. Papers were good, and nothing was missing, so it’s proper work. ”
Ella O.
Evelyn K.
“I was really afraid to get my papers rejected due to old forms or something like that. So, I decided to look for some help. I found this service and gave it a try. I’m absolutely satisfied since the documents were accepted by court.”
Evelyn K.
Lucas M.
“I needed assistance with papers cause I just didn't have time to search for them and fill out all those numerous pages. Turning for help was a reasonable choice, and we got the necessary documents quickly and moved forward with the process without any delay. Very convenient.”
Lucas M.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, it is legal to order divorce forms from online services. Besides, online divorce through e-filing is officially allowed in the state.

To apply for a divorce online, prepare the required forms yourself or with third-party help and submit them to the court through the eFile system.

An uncontested online divorce can take 2-3 months in Minnesota. There is no waiting period, so a divorce can be finalized even faster if the court workload isn’t huge.

An online divorce can cost approximately $400-$500 if it is uncontested and you do not involve a lawyer. The price includes a mandatory filing fee and expenses on paperwork preparation services if you use any.